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thismeintiel said:
CuCabeludo said:

No console will sell more than PS2. The PS2 sold so well due to the large number of third party exclusive games it had. If you wanted to play a game, even a third party game, you had no other option but PS2. Now third party exclusivity is very rare, when it happens it is timed exclusivity (usually 1 year). Also it was the cheapest dvd player on the market. But now streaming is becoming more popular than buying movies in Blu-ray.

PS2 was not the cheapest DVD player on market. When the PS2 launched in 2000 for $299, you could get a DVD player for $100-$150. By the time it dropped to $179 in 2003, you could get one for $50. No one bought the PS2 to play DVDs. They bought it to game on, and then bought DVDs because it also had that feature.

PS2 sold 1.5B SW but was bought to play DVD that is a gold in VGC.

BraLoD said:
Between TLoU and TLoU2 Playstation actually sold more than 1 Billion games, lol.

Now I want you to make the projection of how much SW PS will have sold between LoD1 and LoD2.

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