Supermario28 said:
JRPGfan said:

Nintendo was like..... well we cant take black or white backgrounds.... those other guys already took them.
Mario is red..... lets use a red background!

That isnt creative, theres nothing in their logo thats really creative, or more so than the others in logo form.

First of all...You are aware that the PS5 logo was revealed hours ago and this Xbox ONE logo is not the official one (the official has green in it) right? So no, when the switch logo was revealed, black or white were not "already taken".

Secondly, the Switch logo is very creative because it reminds the features of the console: detachable controllers.

It's even more creative with the sound it makes when you see it animated at the beginning of every trailer or advert. This sound reminds of the actual sound of the joy-con being reattached. It's genius communication: the logo reminds both the attached and the detached joy-con, which is the essence of the console.

Thank you.

Someone who understands the term creative.