I love Sony and the Playstation and all that but their CES com sucks. NOBODY watched to see a logo!

We wanted either a reveal of the actual system or actual specs confirming or not, the recent rumors of a 9.2 TF PS5.

I'm tired of rumors and counter rumors, each stating the opposite of the previous one.

For example, if the PS5 is so much weaker than the Xbox Series X, what the hell were those rumors not so long ago from developers saying that what they are working on, shows a PS5 that is super powerful and actually more so than the Series X. These guys are not the average Joe voicing an opinion, they are professionals working on future PS5 games so what does that mean? It only brings confusion.

So this was the perfect time for Sony to talk about figures and specs. But why do that when you can just allow for the confusion to go on longer, right?