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If PS4 sells 300M games in 2020 (PS3 has its best year in 2013 according to VGC) at an average of ....what?, 30-40$ per game..., let's say 40$ (because most sales being new games at launch). That will generate around 12 billions $ in total. How much Sony must get in profits in general from that counting 1st party/3rd party/retail and digital sales into the equation?, 20% of that total? 30%???, 40%????. And this is without counting DLC's, MTX, PS Plus subs, ....basically anything coming from PSN.

How much PS4 is going to profit for Sony in 2020 just counting software???, 3B $??, 4B $???, 5B $???? And this is without counting anything hardware related....

PS4 is by far the most profitable console ever....Not PS2, not X360, not NDS, not Wii, . It certainly prints money....$$$.