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RolStoppable said:
Yes, it lived up to the hype. Was a groundbreaking Zelda game, was a groundbreaking game in general. Yes, it did do things no other game has. No, it's not high on my favorite games list because extended play highlighted that Breath of the Wild merely laid the groundwork for future Zelda games due to quite a few things that can be improved significantly, such as dungeons, enemy variety including bosses, more things to find that have actual value, and having a set of unbreakable weapons crafted by master blacksmiths in addition to all the breakable weapons.

Nice, i like this answer rolstoppable. I must admit even though I got the game way back in Summer 2017 I only played it a few hours just cuz I didn't feel like launching into some like 100 hour game at the time! After watching it played a bit on Twitch the past few weeks I started getting really excited to start playing it. Just seeing all the different environments and how huge the map is and well just watching people explore got me excited for it.

But of course I've heard complaints about the lack of the standard zelda big dungeons, lack of enemy variety, weapons break way too quickly, the world not being filled enough to be interesting beyond just getting to explore it, and maybe cooking is kinda tedious (at least I felt it might be based on the bit of cooking I've done). I guess I've been assuming what you just put into words - that it was a groundbreaking and great game that did some truly amazing things, but has enough ways to improve that it won't be topping everyone's lists but it could lay the groundwork for significantly better Zelda's in the future that really take the open world game to a high art.