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trunkswd said:
colafitte said:
First things first. Congrats VGC for an excellent tracking of PS4 sales.

Second. Like i've been saying for months PS4 was going to sell this year around 14'5M and it sold 14'4M (91'6M last year to 106'0M this year), so i was pretty spot on on that, again. If Sony doesn't annouce a price cut for PS4 during the year, PS4 is going to add another 10M this year (at least), reaching 116M lifetime. It seems is going to end around 120M when is all said and done.

1'15B games sold in total makes that PS4 have sold 274M games in 2019 (876M games sold were announced last year) what i found absolutely amazing. PS4 will sell another 250-300M in 2020, and it will put the total ahead of 1'4B games sold with a ratio of around 12 games or more per console, which it will be the best ratio ever for a console.

Pretty impressive numbers overall. Playstation remains the best place for console gaming and PS5 probably will outperform PS4 too. Good stuff.

I am the one that updates the hardware figures and have been trying my best to make sure they are as accurate as possible. Even I am amazed we got the figures spot on. 

Almost spot on. 3 days left.