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In response to a query about Shadow Of The Tomb Raider’s sales, Square Enix responded by acknowledging that it “got off to a weak start”. As for why it initially underperformed, Square Enix reckons it wasn’t “novel enough”:

“We think the main reason is that we were unable to provide an experience that was novel enough that players would choose to buy them [Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Just Cause 4] before any of the other numerous major titles on the competitive landscape.”

Not saying reboots are a bad thing and GOW was pretty amazing, but generally speaking, there comes a time when franchise fatigue becomes a thing. Sony realizes this and that's why they stopped with the Uncharted series for example and moved on, even though it was one of their best selling franchises. 

What you posted about Shadow of the Tomb Raider is irrelevant. That was not the reboot, Tomb Raider 2013 was the reboot. SE failed to make the third entry interesting. But the story and characters werent interesting in that trilogy, just fun games.

If Sony felt they could keep making interesting games without Nathan Drake, Uncharted probably would continue.

If Sony was concerned about franchise fatigue then why is there an 7th GoW game? The latest GoW didnt need to be Kratos in norse mythology, it could have been a new IP. It doesent even play like previous games.

Why make a Spiderman game? Thats an old IP. Maybe because old IPs can become something that feels fresh or utilize modern specs for a more ambitious project?

Hence, Fable could return in a big way if they make something really ambitious in that genre.

Well, like I said some reboots do work and GOW is a good example. I think the difference with GOW is that while it's an old franchise, there have been only 3 GOW games since the ps1. It's also about the story and if they can still tell something fresh and interesting, which they managed to pull off with GOW. Compare that to Gears or Halo for example and it's obvious that they are running out of ideas.

Like I said, it always feels like MS is playing catch up and they lack the creativity to really come up with their own franchises. Uncharted was a huge hit for Sony last gen and MS just wanted their own Uncharted like game with Tomb Raider. Now Sony has Horizon Zero dawn and they again try to copy it's success with a new Fable reboot. But hey, who knows. Maybe Fable can pull it off. But I just have a hard time believing it will be huge AAA title that will move a ton of consoles for MS, especially if people will directly compare it to Horizon zero dawn or Skyrim.

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