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- Fix marketing, it's awful right now, even though there are some improvements in terms of messaging and creating cool stuff like gamepass, the shows like Inside Xbox actually do more harm than promotion IMO. Anyone who would watch this, would probably turn off from Xbox brand even more.
- Fix international appeal. They barely even try outside of US and Western Europe. Basically no presence of Xbox brand at all. No ads, no promotions, even no official Xbox local branches in some countries. And to make it even worse, in some cases (like Russia for example), it even got even worse this year when they closed the local MS Store and the ability to buy subscriptions directly. It all looks like they abandoned the market completely to Sony and Nintendo. And that's after Phil Spencer's words about trying to reach 2b gamers.
- Have a Series X price on part with PS5 at least. Better to be cheaper, but it is probably not happeniing especially if they have more powerful console. With the current positions on the market, Xbox can't be more expensive than Playstation even if it provides a better product.