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JRPGfan said:
Bandorr said:

I considered the "make exclusive JRPGs" before. How many do you think they have to make to draw in the "JRPG" fan base?

I don't recall the Xbox 360 library much. I googled up a list.  Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey.. and a bunch of not exclusives.

Eternal Sonata was exclusive - and then it wasn't.

Leaving me two points.  How many exclusive ones did the Xbox 360 have(real question).  And will they actually stay exclusive?

I went to do a quick look (googled jrpgs xb360):

Infinite Undiscovery
Final Fantasy XIII  (wasnt exclusive)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (wasnt exclusive)
NieR (wasnt exclusive)
The Last Remnant (was (not on ps3), I played it on PC)
Resonance of Fate (wasnt exclusive)
Blue Dragon
Eternal Sonata (wasnt exclusive)
Tales of Vesperia (wasnt exclusive)
Lost Odyssey
Record of Agarest War Zero (wasnt exclusive)
Star Ocean: The Last Hope  (wasnt exclusive)
Enchanted Arms (wasnt exclusive)
MagnaCarta 2
Pier Solar and the Great Architects (wasnt exclusive)
ect ect ect...

It had like 4-5 good JRPGs, atleast that were exclusives.
Stuff like that might be enough to get someone to buy a Xbox tbh.

Once you factor in stuff like Mass Effect, and other western RPGs, that might have been exclusives too.

Only Lost Odyssey made a minor impact and to be honest RPGs isn't really a console seller, especially if they are generic RPGs. But, Microsoft has already targeted exclusive RPG has their future plan with the purchase of two new studios that can make JRPG. There is also the rumored reboot of Fable.  

Obsidian, Inexile & Playground games future should really address Xbox one lack of RPG & JRPG.