Okay now I think I understand what you really meant.

Basically in your initial post you should have left out the main paragraph, where you describe the meat of your idea, and replace it with this:

"Future generations of Nintendo systems will continue the hybrid concept and Switch branding and be BC and Nintendo wont change their online/eshop infrastructure so as to keep all previous gen digital games in the eshop for future gens thanks to BC."

That is what you meant, not what you said (whether you admit it or not). You made it all confusing by talking about no new generations and simply upgrading the Switch instead and older Switches eventually just wouldn't be able handle newer games so they'd be discontinued. Which apparently is not what you meant at all, and that is the part people are disagreeing with you on. As rolstoppable just commented, you got confused on the different between a family of the same system and using the same branding, and I think you then confused yourself but ran with the idea, so now you're saying you meant something different than what you posted.

In summary: BC + prev gen digital games stay in eshop for future gens, maintain hybrid concept and Switch branding.

The only one of those I'm not sure they will do is keeping all games from previous gens in the eshop, mostly just due to clutter, though it'd be awesome if they did. And also I wouldn't assume this will be done for more than just the next gen because who knows where tech will be in 9-10 years when a Switch 3 would be coming out. Maybe by then it'll just be a VR pair of glasses that streams games using 6g delivered anywhere in the world by wifi satellites or something else totally different than a hybrid Switch branded system. But until there is game changing (pun intended!) tech innovation, or just gradual progress that results in totally different concepts being possible, yeah sure I think Nintendo will stick with Switch branded hybrid systems, could last 1 or maybe even 2 more generations.