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Nintendo being the same Nintendo that Iwata started and Switch his last device before he died........after the switch is when we will start to see a new Nintendo where none of the plans come from Iwata but for now enjoy what Iwata envision before his death

The only big difference is both handheld and console team as one and with them as one.......for first party Nintendo have no competition and I do not see Sony or Microsoft beating them to be second in publishing after a 3rd party company even with ps5 and Xbox one series X coming out the only thing people buy on Sony and Xbox systems is 3rd party games at the end of top 10 chart for Sony or Microsoft games you will only see one or two first party games at the end of the top 10 list

Look at VGChartz look at NPD and European charts and look at Sony and Microsoft numbers without other systems just games for those two systems and you will see 3rd party dominate their list with only 1 or 2 first party games on the list

Point is as much as people say first party games bring them to either system their Wallets prefer 3rd party games

I went With ps4 8th gen and Switch 9th gen but for my 9th gen console that stay always at home I may go Xbox if it’s the most powerful because all the games I have for my ps4 is 3rd party and I can play those on Xbox new system and with crossplay being a bigger thing going towards the future I can safely be safe with Xbox and switch for my two 9th gen systems and be able to play all the games I want when I went ps4 and of duty went crossplay with ps4 and Xbox so you already know others will follow next in new 9th gen

I seriously can’t wait for other two 9th gen systems to release