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All of what you is wrote is reaching, but I still stay to the end and read everything.

Nintendo was doing all of these things way before now.

The only new things Nintendo is doing now compared to their past is allowing others to make more games with their franchise, cadence of Hyrule, Metroid other M which came out for Wii I think and etc. The last thing they change up was adding both their handheld and console team together to make games. Everything else still follow Iwata blue ocean strategy including the RPG exercising game. Nintendo had dark games in the past Mad world and etc.

Nintendo still do not spend like crazy to make games so they games always come back profitable compared to Sony and Microsoft games.

Nintendo competition is with themselves and 3rd party games, since Switch came in 2017 they been the number 1 first party seller, the only company that beat them for number 1 publisher is 3rd party companies. As of now they have no competition with Microsoft and Sony first party games.

Nintendo games like any other publisher gets better with time they growing with the world trying new things out all the time which they started with the Wii