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JRPGfan said:

"we're talking about something coming 3 years from now."

^ this is Lie / Falsehood Nr #2.

Technology doesnt move at a pace, where 3 years, you can get 5 times more performance pr watts, over a 3 year periode.
Things have slowed down alot, and processing node technology shrinks arnt as meaningfull anymore, as they used to be.

Theres no way what your claiming is gonna be possible 3years from now either.

That makes zero sense. We are in fact talking about 3 years from now, so it is not a lie. Unless you come from the future to tell us that for the next 3 years somehow unbelievably there will be no advancement in technology!

Seriously, though, you just picking random completely true statements and calling them lies isn't helping your case.