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JRPGfan said:

Switch docked = 393 Gflops
Base PS4 = 1,840 Gflops.

"more like 2-2,25"

You need to stop bullsh*tting and spreading false info.

1840 / 393 = 4,7x performance differnce.

Now you can aruge that Nvidia flops are like 20% better than AMD ones in terms of graphics performance, compaired to the calculation numbers it can do...

Flops is irrelevant.
Switch = Maxwell.
Playstation 4 = Graphics Core Next.

A GTX 960 based on Maxwell with 2.36 Teraflops of single precision floating point capability...
Is able to beat a Radeon 7970 with 3.78 Teraflops of single precision floating point capability.

That is a 60% flop advantage to the 7970.

Bandwidth is irrellevent as well.

The GTX 960 has 112GB/s verses the 7970's 264GB/s or 135% more bandwidth.

In your ideal fantasy world a GPU with 60% more flops and 135% more bandwidth should win, right? I mean... Right?

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