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JRPGfan said:
Nu-13 said:

My, I can't even begin here. For starters, we're talking about something coming 3 years from now. Today's technology being irrelevant. A system like the switch could have released last month while already being more powerful than a ps4. And no, the gap between the switch and ps4 isn't 3-4x, more like 2-2.25.

Switch docked = 393 Gflops
Base PS4 = 1,840 Gflops.

"more like 2-2,25"

You need to stop bullsh*tting and spreading false info.

1840 / 393 = 4,7x performance differnce.

Now you can aruge that Nvidia flops are like 20% better than AMD ones in terms of graphics performance, compaired to the calculation numbers it can do...

But your still looking at over a x4 differnce.

Then you need to factor in the memory bandwidth stuff, ect..... theres massive differnce between the devices.

Which is fair, becasue the Switch is a handheld that uses like 20-25watts while docked, compaired to a PS4 slim, thats like 90-110watts+.

^ thats lie / falsehood Nr #1.

"we're talking about something coming 3 years from now."

^ this is Lie / Falsehood Nr #2.

Technology doesnt move at a pace, where 3 years, you can get 5 times more performance pr watts, over a 3 year periode.
Things have slowed down alot, and processing node technology shrinks arnt as meaningfull anymore, as they used to be.

Theres no way what your claiming is gonna be possible 3years from now either.

You're the one spreading false information. Flops aren't performance and even if you were to do something as ridiculous as look only at gpu and flops to compare two consoles, the ones from nvidia would equal a LOT more than 1.2x those of amd.

And the hell you're talking about technology and performance per watts? Technology moves, period. We already have technology to match and exceed the ps4 using the switch form factor and as the years pass, new more powerful gpus/cpus will release as usual. To deny that is like saying the switch has the same power as a ps3 or x360. Because that's how powerful the switch would have to be for it's successor in 2022 to only be at ps4 level.