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JRPGfan said:
Slownenberg said:

Power-wise I'm thinking PS4 Pro level power. 1080p screen. 4k capable when docked. Hopefully a small enough gap from the other next gen systems to get more support from 3rd party graphically downgraded but still good AAA games than Switch.

^ that cannot be done with todays technology....

I think maybe you can get a Switch 2, thats around where the Base PS4 is (when docked).
That could probably be possible in 2021.

That would mean Switch 1 -> Switch 2, is a jump of x3-4 times in terms of power.

Well we aren't talking about today's technology, we're talking about a release in over 3 years from now. A Switch 2 released in 2023 I would expect to at least be more powerful than the base PS4. Main reason I would want Nintendo to target something around PS4 Pro level is so that Switch 2 could do a better job of getting third parties to port their AAA games over to Switch 2, obviously they'd still be graphically downgraded, but still close enough in power to be running well and looking great on Switch 2.

Last edited by Slownenberg - on 30 December 2019