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Nu-13 said:
JRPGfan said:

^ that cannot be done with todays technology....

I think maybe you can get a Switch 2, thats around where the Base PS4 is (when docked).
That could probably be possible in 2021.

That would mean Switch 1 -> Switch 2, is a jump of x3-4 times in terms of power.

My, I can't even begin here. For starters, we're talking about something coming 3 years from now. Today's technology being irrelevant. A system like the switch could have released last month while already being more powerful than a ps4. And no, the gap between the switch and ps4 isn't 3-4x, more like 2-2.25.

What chipset is that? I'm genuinely asking.  I dont keep up on those things much. That's pretty crazy for a portable chipset to be equal to or above a ps4 in power, and awesome. But I imagine that it would be far too expensive to put into a Nintendo handheld. Hopefully in 3 years though....