RolStoppable said:
This reads like the typical stupidity that a more powerful Switch is needed - an idea that falls flat on its face because third parties won't exclusively target the more powerful Switch iteration due to its much lower installed base.

Nintendo is going to stick with the hybrid idea, but when the next generation comes, it will be a clear distinction from Switch and not a destination that was reached by doing multiple incremental steps inbetween.

Never said it was ever needed, just something I could see them doing.  Nintendo was the first of the big three to introduce a mid gen refresh however after all with the NEW 3DS, which also had a few games exclusive to it that could not run on the base 3DS.  There is literally no reason to believe that they would not expand on that idea.

Furthermore, by your logic, if devs would not release a game that could only run on the new model if it needed the extra juice then every PS5 and XSX game would also run on a base X1.  You and I both know that will not be the case however.

It would be no different than those specific games being treated as a new console generation, which kind of debunks the entire premise that they would ignore it based on install base alone.

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