PS5. Looking forward to see what Sony will be doing with the next Horizon and God of War, amongst other games of course.
Sony have a good track record with delivering what i expect from a console.

Power isn't really a factor for me, however I think next gen is going to be really close in terms of power.
The next Halo is tempting but since 3/Reach, i haven't really had love for the series as much as i used to. Series X will have to have multiple high quality exclusives before i can personally justify buying an Xbox again. For me, exlusives are where it begins and ends and MS have a lot of work to do. Spencer can talk things up however he likes, but i'll wait to see the end result and judge for myself if Series X is worth it. I hope MS isn't too caught up on being the most powerful console, and just hunker down to create unique experiences you can't find anywhere else. Nintendo prove that power isn't needed to create success, just ideas and great games.