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Mnementh said:
Nah, while 'Playstation' is a very generic name for a gaming platform, while 'Switch' alludes to a specific feature. A new Nintendo console that isn't incorporating that feature shouldn't be called Switch. But, that said, as long as Nintendo sticks to this hybrid 'switching' concept, they should stick to the name with Super Switch, Mega Switch, Switch Ultimate and so on.

Yeah basically this. Switch is a very feature specific name. I mean sure they have the Switch Lite which doesn't "switch" at all, maybe even one day we'll see a Switch Home in a future generation, but as we've seen from Lite vs OG sales, the hybrid switching feature is always gonna outsell non-switching Switches cuz well its an awesome feature that sets the system apart from anything else. So as long as they keep the main model hybrid then yeah I agree they should continue with the Switch brand, but Nintendo is the main brand, not Switch. I fully expect a new Switch in 2023 though I bet Nintendo will probably add something interesting to it, and I won't even speculate as to what might happen in the gen after that.