MasonADC said:
Slownenberg said:
Switch continuing to heat up into the 200k's despite no big launches since mid-november. Think it'll probably end up right at a million more than last year, I expect week 52 will be a good amount larger than last year.

Yikes, PS4 after one up week is all the way back to around its base level despite being mid-December! PS4 really is dead in Japan a year out from PS5.

Pokemon knocking out 200k a week like its nothing week after week. Should get real close to 3mil by end of year.

And RFA finally getting some stock with a huuuuge surge. Looks like stock really has been the problem so far. RFA is turning into a sleeper hit.

Ps4 had a promotion last week, no promotion this week, and a promotion next week. Consumers are just being smart 

Still. PS4 is dead. Non promotional holiday week gets 11k, promotion + holiday week gets 41k....dead. Japan is gonna be dominated by Nintendo from here on out. No way PS5 is gonna do 10 million if PS4 won't even hit 10 million despite having essentially zero competition for 3+ years. The death of home-only consoles is fully realized in Japan.

Anyone think Switch and Pokemon can both hit 300k next week?? It'll be tough!

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