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DonFerrari said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

I know :(

You can get great detail at 60fps without a monster machine, it's totally feasible, they just wont do it because a slight boost in graphics is more marketable than improved frame rates.

I have  PC, A very very good one. But I also like Playstation and their exclusives. So I would love to play PS5 Exclusives at 60fps.

Some of them you will, perhaps Sony will make it more standard that you chose performance or graphs on most exclusives. But to make it a requirement for all games to be 60fps won't happen at all.

I know, it wasn't me formally requesting Sony on a random gaming forum, but it would be nice.

A PS4Pro like performance/visual mode to be standard on PS5 would be a compromise I'd deal with. 

PS4(PS5 Soon)and PC gaming

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