The digital content eco-system can, not unlike real ecosystems, be split into consumers and producers. In nature, consumers and producers are (relatively) easy to separete - you have plants and similar, and you have animals, insects etc.

The lines are a bit blurred when it comes to online content. Of course, your favourite YouTuber, Twitch streamer, blogger is a producer, but they certainly consume tons of digital content as well. With ever more possibilities for interactions online, consumers also shift somewhat towards production. Take this forum for instance - when we post we are contributing, however minor, to the vast collection of information that is the internet. Still, I think it's highly likely that most people do far more consumption than production, I certainly do. It is easy to get stuck in a state of "non-discomfort" where you continue with passive consumption of media without actually enjoying it, and it also not being productive nor fulfilling. Our brains aren't optimized to maximize pleasure, nor to minimize misery. It just wants to avoid discomfort - anything else requires active effort, sometimes a lot of effort.

With that preface, I want to encourage people to set themselves a goal of creating something this christmas. It can be whatever you want, although I think it's more enjoyable and fulfilling if it requires at least a moderate amount of creativity and effort. So write that article about a subject you've wanted to talk about, make a photo album to commemorate the good old days, make a let's play of a game you love, or try painting. And remember that what you produced probably won't be amazing the first time, but it doesn't have to be. So don't stress too much about the quality of your work. Practive makes perfect and all that jazz. Merry christmas people.