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Will Netflix Narnia show be true to the Christian messages of the books, which were intended to demonstrate the Bible to children in allegorical ways?

Will the prequel LOTR show Amazon is making be good like the original three or a CGI hot mess of made up stuff like the Hobbit prequels?

Will there be another 1-2 movies, or at least a show, about the way Solo movie ended? I need to know what happened between now and when Darth Maul is finally killed by Obi Wan years later.

When will the Supreme Court take up a controversial case and make a controversial decision rather than playing it safe like they've been doing for years?

Is there some legendary JD Salinger book hidden from the world, a masterpiece under our noses?

Will the UK and US form a union of Commonwealth/former Commonwealth nations for trading and military purposes now that they are leaving the liberal/socialist European Union?

Will Russia, China, North Korea, and Syria form a new Warsaw pact?

Now that there is a Space Force, when will we have a subcontinental force?

When will John Cena become UFC champion?