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So, as we're all aware of by now, Microsoft has recently revealed the look and name of their next gaming system: the Xbox Series X. The demo footage looked great, but the name...well it has inspired me to write this brief little thread highlighting the different ways the different companies name their systems.

Both Microsoft and Nintendo name their systems for philosophically key features. But Microsoft always tries to be cool with their console names and I think comes off as corporate as a result. Nintendo on the other hand goes for geeky, offbeat names these days (GameCube, Wii, Switch) that clearly aren't aiming for the cool factor. I think people tend to find the latter more endearing.

Sony, on the other hand, I find honestly to be the least pretentious. They just lazily number their systems. I like that. They're not trying to be gimmicky and competitive about it is my take on that.
That is all. Not a biggie, but I do think there is something in a name. Just my thoughts on the subject.