As much as I love God of War (4) I’d still pick some other before it as “my favorite”. Nier Automata, MHW Iceborne and Bloodborne for example. And many others in the PS4 library would be in the conversation, like Uncharted 4, Horizon, Witcher 3, Spiderman, its hard to say were I'd rank them all. Feels like a luxury to even be able to say that "i'd pick games before" a fantastic game like GOW. Thats how good the PS4 library is. Its hard to pick "just that one game". 

I have doubts if Ghost of Tsushima even belongs in the conversation tbh, Sucker Punch productions do decent games – and that’s what I think GoT will end up being, “decent”, but they haven’t done a single “great” game so far that leaves a mark like GOW or TLOU. But hey, it could go either way. We'll see. And I have great expectations for TLOU2 and Naughty Dog is yet to make a bad game. But again, it could go either way. Sequels are tricky.

But none of this matters because the single best game of the Ps4, Switch, Xbox and PC is Hollow Knight.