Outside of Bravely Default 2, next gen Xbox, the Ghosts of Tsushima trailer, and Reggie’s speech this show really didn’t have anything going for it.

No big announcements or reveals, so many commercials, and they glossed over the awards so fast and clearly didn't care about those (Best RPG, best soundtrack, and best fighting game all on the pre-show?) This was a problem last year too, but it’s especially glaring here when there’s no “Joker in Smash”, Breath of the Wild trailer, or Mortal Kombat 11 reveal type of announcements to lift it up.

It may be called the Game Awards, and while it’s great to honor and recognize the industry and the people within it, it’s become just as important to showcase what’s coming as it is to celebrate what is here. And what was here was... not much.

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