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smroadkill15 said:

I met my girlfriend on Tinder, but this is after many dates prior. I never paid any money. Don't get down on yourself if you're not getting immediate success. When I stopped caring about Tinder is when I actually found someone I really connected with. A lot of the women on there can be shallow and looking for something specific. What do you have in your bio and how long have you had a Tinder for?

I've been at it for 3 years now.

My bio, made with help from female friends:

"Vintage 1989 human, still in working condition.

My superpower is spotting which dinosaurs in the movies are fake.

183cm of caffeine, water, and puns."

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.