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Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:

I said in a different post the mistakes made by MS early likely played a roll in PS4's momentum this generation. 360 benefitted greatly from PS3's mistakes, right?

And again, PS4's lead isnt just because of the exclusives. They dont sell well enough for that to be the case.

Not sure what you really disagree with.

Exclusives absolutely matter.

Exclusives can sell consoles.

Halo 3 for example was so popular it actually increased the rate at which Xbox 360 consoles were sold.

If an exclusive game sells 10~ million copies, then 10~ million people find value with their console for that single game, do that over enough 10~ million console sellers and you appeal to an audience larger than just 10~ million.

I entered the Xbox ecosystem in the early 2000's on the back of industry leading exclusives like Halo and Fable and if Microsoft wants to retain me as a consumer, they need to offer me exclusives that keep me interested, otherwise I will just run everything on my PC.

Exclusives do increase console sales, they don't account for an entire userbase. Nor does every exclusive sale account for a console sale.

We should also take into consideration many console bundles have become multiplat games.

I feel like the point is being missed. Especially when I said word of mouth, success early on and buying the console your peers have is also relevant.

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