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Technarchy said:
Pemalite said:

It was part of the problem.
The Xbox One being slower and more expensive is a taste that didn't sit with many consumers.
Throw in Kinect which no one wanted, always-online DRM and a convoluted UI... Lack of exclusives... And well. You get the gist.

When X1X was released it seemed as if MSFT acknowledged the errors of the X1 launch.

Now, right before Scarlett, we again see these distractions with “Services” like XCloud and Gamepass. To some extent, I dont think these American corporations can help themselves. 

The irony, MSFT at their most focused (X360) was also their most successful. 

I disagree. Forcing Kinect on users and pushing TV stuff could be seen as a distraction. I would argue MS needed more studios because 3rd parties werent delivering strong enough content. All of that is valid.

xCloud and Gamepass however are actually ways to enhance the Xbox experience. I am in the xCloud beta and continued my progress in some games. Gamepass is apparently increasing software revenue and has more people engaged in 1st party content.

360 was most successful in sales. But the Gold service angered many and hardware failures piled on. Some would call those distractions. They were also too dependent on 3rd parties which continued on X1. What really helped 360 was Sony's arrogance.

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