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There has been a lot of suspicion about Steams delay on releasing games that are about the Chinese Government or Protests.

Liberate Hong Kong is a game based on the protesters of the events in Hong Kong. 

Karma is another game that is about the events in China and its sales profits will be donated to a Chinese anti-government, democracy movement.

Both these games are on the waiting list on being released on Steam and Valve are delaying the releases due to the content in them, claiming it illegal...

Now these games might still make it to Steam one day however currently they are not and there is no future date on there releases. Valve are not a company I associate with quality control who have allowed School shooting games, Trump games and basically rape games and yet those games releases on Steam with no questions asked but the moment you mention Hong Kong or China, it seems to be another story. Steam is just another US company who wants to make money just like Blizzard.

Now before you all attack Steam for this, let me make one thing clear. I do not support those who base there hate on companies who are trying to make money especially since China is such a huge market. For those who spat on Blizzard's decision for banning a gamer who broke the rules at a Games show, I go by the logic of as long as they make good games I could care less what they do in politics. The logic of hating a company for political issues like this is no difference to them hating and boycotting Mercedes Benz for supporting the Nazi's in WW2. Its childish and brainless. That's your choice to make and my opinion wont change.

Valve and Blizzard are two of my favourite gaming companies in the industry and ill continue to use and play there games as long as they continue making quality services and games.

Jim Sterling explains the matter quite well. Now i don't agree with him hating on Steam however if gamers are going to give Blizzard all the hate than I guess you better save your spit for Valve aswell.