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thismeintiel said:
crissindahouse said:
I like the idea how it will be such a problem with Lockhart while you will be able to play the same games on 536 different PC configurations and no dev will tell you how it's so much work to develop for all these configs.

No they don't.  They have a baseline of what they are aiming for.  They just give you options to turn certain effects off and lower the resolution so you can attempt to get it to run on lower spec machines.  They aren't testing all of these out.  If your PC doesn't run it well, they aren't going in to make specific changes to get it to work, you just need to update your HW.  On the Lockhart, they will have to do extensive testing on it to getting it running 1440p/30fps/60fps on a system that has a much weaker GPU and significantly less RAM.  Sure, you probably will get games that drop into the 20fps range and have variable resolutions, but MS isn't going to be happy if this consistently happens, or the games are dropping into the teens on fps and 720p for the resolution.  That will turn gamers off from getting this "next-gen" system.

This is why devs, not just gamers, are complaining about this.  They feel it's going to hold back their games and/or cause them to put more resources into getting those games running on Lockhart.

Guess you didn't get my point. Games run perfectly fine on a lot of different PC configs nowadays without devs optimizing anything for it as long as the PCs aren't total crap so that just two versions of Xbox won't be like "ohh wow, now devs have so much work to do it's so complicated". They just have to lower the resolution and maybe a few settings which these games will already support on PC as well.

But instead of the PC Player finding his perfect settings for his system, the dev just decides what he will reduce for the weaker Xbox

How much testing is needed for that? A PC gamer doesn't sit there 5 months to find a setting which makes the game playable on his rig.

It's just laughable to think about how this is supposed to be so much extra work especially when a cheaper Xbox would also help to sell more games for the devs since some with less money could still buy into next gen.

It's just two damn Xbox versions, nothing more. Poor devs...