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Currently finishing up Far Cry New Dawn; few more trophies to go. I like the game but the RPG elements were very shallow and I'm interested in continuing to explore the shooter/RPG. I'm lookin at The Outer Worlds at being my next game, but it is such uncharted territory for me that I'm goin in thinking I'll be getting Far Cry New Dawn but with stronger RPG elements.

I was kinda thinking about Fallout 4 as well. $8 all month, has a third person option (getting use to first person but will never understand it with games that have customization), buuuut I actually watched a friend play through a majority of it so I'm not sure if it will hold my attention all the way through even with multiple choices routes.

More interested on opinions of The Outer Worlds as a game and not so much The Outer Worlds vs Fallout 4