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Live and Let Die went down a bit for me during this rewatch. It's tonally and thematically inconsistent. I feel like there are three movies competing for dominance in 120 minutes: a tongue-in-cheek blaxploitation flick; a globe-trotting spy movie; and a supernatural voodoo film. None of them really land.

Moore will get better in the role but in here he seems lackadaisical, flippant, and soft. Kotto is a fine actor, but he's wasted here. Seymour is spectacularly beautiful in her role, but she's another damsel in distress who melts in Bond's arms.

I will say the movie has good energy, and mostly good pacing--outside of some unusually long chase scenes. The stuff with Baron Samedi is super interesting; it would have been fascinating to see Live and Let Die follow a path toward horror.

Overall, a middling Bond movie that can never decide what it wants to be.