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trunkswd said:
zorg1000 said:

I doubt we will get a price cut next year, they havent even had a standard pack in title yet and they will likely do that before cutting the price.

Next year

Switch+Smash Bros or Mario Kart-$299.99

Lite+NSMB or Mario Maker-$199.99


Switch-price drop to $249.99

Lite-price drop to $169.99

I generally agree with those price cuts. But I'd expect the Lite to drop to $179.99 and them to be cut for next holiday to go against the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. 

There is no point in using price cuts to deter people from PS5/XB2 at launch, they will sell great regardless.

It's not like someone considering a $499 PS5 is going to change their mind and get Switch Lite instead because it went from $199 to $179.

Nintendo doesnt care about what others are doing, they will use price cuts to increase sales when they start to slow down.

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