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Slownenberg said:
Damn, crazy Xbox sales thanks to their fantastic deals, and monster Switch numbers! Xbox just did 23-24% of its year-to-date sales in one week haha.

So maybe Switch just over 20 million this year?? Man, if they can bring out some big guns next year (AC, BotW2?, and at least one more big monster seller) along with a first price cut Switch might see 22+ million next year - getting up in top Wii territory.

I doubt we will get a price cut next year, they havent even had a standard pack in title yet and they will likely do that before cutting the price.

Next year

Switch+Smash Bros or Mario Kart-$299.99

Lite+NSMB or Mario Maker-$199.99


Switch-price drop to $249.99

Lite-price drop to $169.99

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