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It's easy to forget that the XBO has such a strong holiday compared to the rest of the year. Seeing a console that's been posting 50k weeks for a lot of the year suddenly jump to almost a million.

Good sales all round. PS4 should finish the year with about 106.5m sold so below my prediction. Probably 14.4m-14.8m for the year.

Switch it all depends on how big an impact the lack of Smash Bros has on December. If it will be down/flat/up YoY is hard to say. But it's clear my 18.8m prediction has been well and truly FACKED. I blame the Switch Lite's sudden emergence.

Switch should finish the year with 19.5m-21.5m sold.

Not only is my 18.8m prediction wrong, but I predicted 2020 would be the peak over 2019 and now I think I'm going to lose that wager too.

PortisheadBiscuit said:
Is that the highest week for Switch ever?

Yep, previous best week was 22nd december 2018, with 1.47m.