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Barkley said:

I'm not saying it's meaningless lol, I'm just saying there's no way to know the numbers. So how can we compare with numbers we don't have? Better to not include Switch at all rather than just guess and say "uh ok, if Switch could only be used on a TV it would have still sold (9m/7m/5m in Japan)"

The hybrid form factor doesn't sell because of portable in Japan it sells because the is finally a platform that now suits the hectic culture with out the need to pick between home or portable this is why the OG Switch is beating out the Lite as many consumers clearly still want the home console experience but the hectic schedule of the culture there may not make it worth while but with the Switch that isn't as much of an issue. Before many of these consumers may have just opted for the portable Nintendo platform like the 3DS because that was the only way to get a fair amount of gaming as a home console would only allow them minimal time gaming but now the prospect of home console experience is now made available to them again as they can game while out when they have a chance like they did with portables then come home and continue where they left off on a big screen where as a portable from before wouldn't have allowed the latter part hence the OG Switch's sales.