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Cucumberry said:
drbunnig said:

Shout out to Geist, XII, Sphinx and some others I probably forgot.

I'm so glad that somebody mentioned geist. Sure it was flawed but it was such a great game. I just wish it got some more dev time/publicity so it could have become a series. Unfortunately it will probably never be seen again. 

Geist is an underrated gem! It actually appeared on one of my earlier "Pick 60" episodes. It's too bad that n-Space folded, even though the quality of their output had waned in later years.

sethnintendo said:

Bullet shooter from hell. Ikaruga deserves in top 20.   Of course Paper Mario last great paper Mario deserves in top 10

Yes!!! I haven't played Ikaruga in years (my buddy had a copy in high-school). I remember the endless sweet, sweet frustration :D

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