5. Grand Theft Auto V - The game that just keeps on selling. The biggest, most successful title in Rockstar North's history. One that shatters the previous limits and expectations of GTA titles.

4. Overwatch - During a time where the FPS genre was getting over-saturated and stale with the same style and approach. Overwatch provided a huge breath of fresh air and a unique spin on a genre that was stagnating at the time of its release. And it has managed to maintain its popularity and become a big-time money maker for Blizzard.

3. Fortnite - If there's one genre/style that exploded in popularity in the latter part of the decade, it's the "Battle Royale" style and there was no other game that was more popular in this style than Fortnite.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo did it again. At a time where the future of their hardware business was called into question. They needed the Switch to launch with a game-changing killer app that would send it skyrocketing. That's exactly what Breath of the Wild did. Shattering bars and changing the landscape of the Zelda series while showing just what portable/hybrid gaming was capable of. To this day, for me, this is still the Switch's best game and signature title.

1. Minecraft - Easily the most popular game to come out of this decade. What Tetris was back in the 80s, Pokemon Red/Blue in the 90s, and Wii Sports in the 00s, Minecraft was for this decade. A game that went on to become a phenomenon and become not just a big part of gaming but also popular in pop culture as well. Pretty much every kid, teenager, and young adult today knows what Minecraft is. A top seller in just about every system the game is on.

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