30. Final Fantasy X-2

First Played: 2004

Times Completed: 6

The first real sequel to a Final Fantasy game. Usually the only thing people will praise is the battle system and while that is definitely fun, with the mid battle dressphere switching, I think the whole game is pretty good. The story is interesting, even if it can’t match FFX. Same goes for the music, most of it is pretty good with a few really good tracks that are good enough to rival the music of FFX, my favourite probably being Memories of Lightwaves. Once the tutorial segment is completed, the game has a fairly open structure. This is something I appreciate, given that this is a revisit to an already explored world with some new and revamped locations too. On top of this, there are a lot of mini games and while these aren’t amazing, I do enjoy a few of them and nothing is as bad as some of FFX’s abysmal offerings. I also like the generous New Game+ feature that carries over almost everything.