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dark_gh0st_b0y said:
Kerotan said:
Wasn't proven guilty in court after an FBI investigation. I don't do trial by Netflix.

Thank you my dear. FBI knows better, anything else is just an easy road for cheap money and publicity.

Let his soul rest in peace. Shame and horror to those who seek to capitalize on a man who is not here to defend himself, and destroy his legacy of endless child donations.

Also depressing how fast people draw conclusions based on bad accusations, but very easily forget real facts of how much good one has done. It's not just the media, it's the society all to blame for this. This kind of bullshit does not encourage any celebrity to do any good for this world.

What do you mean by "the FBI knows better"? To my knowledge they never declared him innocent. The very fact that the FBI got involved indicates that this was a serious matter. I imagine it's fairly difficult to convict a rich man like Michael Jackson for crimes committed many years earlier. America is the land of the free, and people are well protected from being convicted of a crime unless it can be almost certainly proven (in most cases, I should say). I don't know the specific fallacy that you are using here, but it seems like you are trying to make it look like the FBI is on MJ's side, and thus, your side.

Me personally... I don't know what to think. I suppose I would have to do my research. I haven't seen the film in question, and all I know about the case is what I've heard from the media. If I had to make the call, I would imagine that he did, in fact, molest children. However, I can't be certain enough so as to put a man behind bars for it (with my aforementioned limited knowledge). So the judge/jury made the logical decision. It doesn't mean they believed him to be innocent, but that he wasn't absolutely guilty. That's all we can say.

I suppose it's likely that many people were trying to capitalize with a false accusation, but that doesn't mean that all of them are.

But why do you speak like you know the truth? Real people came forward and accused the man of child molestation. Multiple people. You speak as though it is factual information that these accusations are false.

The last thing I want to discuss is that you seem sort of unfair in your last sentence. You say that "this kind of bullshit does not encourage any celebrity to do any good for this world". First of all, I can't make much sense of what you mean by this. Maybe if you provide an example I would see what you mean. I can't draw a correlation between the MJ case and why any given celebrity would be afraid of doing good for the world.

If anything, I think the bigger issue is the exact opposite. Many instances of child molestation never see the light of day. The victim is often embarrassed or afraid of speaking up. I can actually see a better argument being made to say that the MJ case has made it more difficult for these victims to want to speak up.

Side Note: I'm just participating in discussion with you. I have nothing against you, and I can appreciate a person with strong opinions like yourself.