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Jawline said:
Hello everyone,,
honestly before the documentary I was on the fence about MJ, afterwards and doing a bit of research on guys making the claim (who happen to being suing the estate for 100s of millions) I now believe he's innocent. The documentary was extremely one sided and if you were to only watch it and not do any further digging, its easy to fall prey to their compelling and graphic story....

There are so many holes in their story upon further research. One factoid that sticks out in my mind is Safechucks's mother claiming she was so happy when she learned MJ passed. "I was so glad he wouldnt be able to hurt anymore children". Um yeah MJ died in 2009, but Safechuck claims he didn't realize he was abused until 2013. Is she a time traveler???

Some of those stories definitely seemed a bit shady, but.. ultimately it's documented proof basically that the guy slept alone, in the same bed as some of these children. And there's definitely this weird closeness with him and some of the kids even if you watch some video. There's definitely SOMETHING that went down. Even if the doc has some questionable stuff in it, doesn't discount the weird stuff we HAVE seen and heard, either directly or second hand. 

Now do I think it's not as "bad" as some have claimed and some have exploited his weird closeness to children to lie and collect their 15 mins of fame & possibly some payoffs? Probably. Do I think MJ is absolutely innocent of ****ing around with kids in SOME way, or at the very least acting extremely inappropriate? No, I truly don't based off what I've seen and heard. 

You could make the argument that MJ was a weird guy deprived of a childhood, which I don't discount, but that's a different story, and ultimately doesn't excuse you actions as an adult. 


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