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trunkswd said:
zorg1000 said:

This holiday season will be a bloodbath

360 did 3.4 million in Nov+Dec 2011 NPD while PS4 will probably be half of that (~2.3m last year).

Yeah the gap is going to shrink fast in November and December. PS4 sales are continuing the downward trend year-over-year. The Kinect did an amazing job in extending the lifespan of the Xbox 360, while it hurt sales for the Xbox One. 

Kinect could have been fine on Xbox One but it was handled incredibly poorly.

Kinect launched at $149 standalone or $299 for 360+Kinect in Nov 2010 and by holiday 2011 these had deals for $99/$199.

Kinect sold 24 million in a little over 2 years, these people who purchased a Kinect/Kinect bundle for $99-299 from Nov 2010-Feb 2013 were not the same demographic to buy a $499 console.

It was too soon and too expensive for the Kinect audience to move on.

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