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thismeintiel said:

Wishful thinking. MS has shown that their future lies in streaming. They want a powerful console, but they aren't going to go all to beat Sony by any significant margin. At best, they will be within 10%-15% of each other, with a chance Sony is on top. 40%-50% is something to tout. 10%-15% won't make enough of a difference to the eye. Especially not when Sony's 1st party studios are HW magicians, getting every last drop of power out of their consoles.

More importantly, I doubt MS is going to want to subsidize the Scarlett like Sony will the PS5. The XBO pricing already proves this. They could have launched at $399, w/ Kinect if they wanted to subsidize the HW and take on the PS4. Instead they launched at $499. Same goes for the X. They could have subsidized it and launched at $399, to take on the Pro. Instead, $499, again. We may even see the same $399 vs $499, again, next gen.

It's just the secret sauce all over, again.

Wow you act like only Sony have devs that can achieve such mile stones. That or you choose to ignore that the world is a big place, a very big place.