32. Final Fantasy VI

First Played: 2002

Times Completed: 5

When this launched for PS1, it came with a playable demo for FFX, so I first played FFVI and FFX on the same day. FFVI is my other favourite 2D FF game this year, a title it and FFV pass back and forth. While I enjoy the combat in FFVI, I slightly prefer the job system from FFV. However, the characters, story, graphics and music are slightly better in FFVI. This game is often ranked at, or near, the top of FF game lists and for good reason. The graphics are good for a SNES JRPG and look nicely detailed. The music is some of the best ever, in any game, and more than sets the scene for powerful and emotional story events.

Like FFV, this game was ported to GBA, with some added content and a re-written script.