33. Final Fantasy V

First Played: 2002

Times Completed: 7

After FFVII established Final Fantasy in European markets and FFVIII/FFIX proved it wasn't some kind of fluke, Square began rolling out their older titles on PS1, which is where I first played them all, except FFIII. Even though I enjoyed all of them, there were two that stood out to me more than the others. Final Fantasy V is sometimes my favourite 2D FF game, it really just depends how I’m feeling but it’s always either this or FFVI. The job system is my favourite part of the game and it allows for a lot of variety and I like to replay either specific setups or sometimes with randomly picked jobs. FFV was also ported to the GBA and is an excellent version of the game, fixing some of the earlier translation errors and adding new content. It was later ported to Steam and mobile, but unfortunately it, and FFVI, never received the PSP ports that I really wanted.