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I'm just curious as to what others have bought either online or in-store, for the Black Friday Deals. Do you partake in the deals, or do you prefer to pay full price?

My BF shopping started last weekend, as online retailers had some games on sale early. I get laid off for the winter, and i don't have much time to game from March-Early November, so i always load up on games from BF sales, to keep me busy throughout the winter.

My all online, all physical and for PS4 BF haul:

Borderlands 3 $27.99

Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled $15

Greedfall $30

Kingdom Hearts 3 $15

MediEvil $20

Metro Exodus $20

Nickelodeon Kart Racing $18.88

The Outer Worlds $43

Persona 5 $9.99

Spider-man GOTY Edition $15

Yooka-Laylee: The Impossible Layer $15