JRPGfan said:

I dont think Sony or MS can do such.

Halo and gears, wouldnt sell Zelda numbers at full price.
The only PS4 game that *might* would be god of war, even at full price it would still sell insanely well because its basically a system seller.
(ei. if you own a PS4 you need that game, type deal, which is what BoTW is to switch)

Also Microsoft is trying to go the Freemium type mobil way, with getting the games into users hands as a cheap service, and then selling micro transactions to make profits. So their basically going the otherway around.

Also as a end consumer, I dont think we should be praiseing them for makeing more money off of us.
I rather get a good deal, and a cheaper sold game, if possible.

Both Sony and MS rely heavily on bundled sales to boost Nintendo like numbers, that doesnt mean they dont sell incredibly well however Zelda without the help of bundles and sales is legendary. Halo use to do similar numbers like current GoW however again, those franchises are heavily bundled with regular deals. Zelda still sells for $89aus digital and iv never seen it drop but you could correct me if i am wrong.

Also its the only game to sell more copies than consoles at launch. Its why many consider it the game of the gen.