DonFerrari said:
Jumpin said:

No, you didn't. You came into my thread and argued against my post "I love how it is ok to mock religious person if they are christian." Then I pointed out: "The main stuff the Christian Gospels are against is the stuff she's doing." Your response to that was: "So the reason it isn't ok to mock Muslim is because their gospel is being met by them when they do bad stuff?"

1. Yes I came into your thread and did it. Again, would you deny that mocking other religions get more backlash currently?

2. And if you didn't understand the second point, from what you said I understood you are replying to being ok mock christians and you replied that she is doing against the gospel. You didn't say it is ok to mock other religions. So I asked by putting the two points together that if it is ok to mock her because she is against the gospel but wouldn't be ok to mock a muslim doing bad stuff because that would be following their gospel. Not sure where you got confused.

How the hell does that anger toward my post translate into this: "what I said is that in general in this forum and other areas of western world it is fun to mock Christians but not other religious, as is ok to mock male but not woman, or white but not black, etc. Would you deny this situation?"

You're completely full of crap.

And for the record: Read this other thread I posted a little while back.

3. I didn't see any part of the OP mocking muslim or even the person in there.

And here's something more recent before you demand it: You can look back and see more posts, as this is part of a series.

4. Also didn't see you mock islam, or any person in the OP.

Also, watch the damn video. Even though it looks like she was beaten by an ugly stick, that's not a man, it's a woman.

I'd recommend taking your white Christian man SJWing elsewhere.

5. In this thread both title and OP are to ridicule the person and her carrying the bible. Your OP looks much more an attack than your provided "doing the same against islam", also just to reiterate the previous points. In your OP you also weren't saying you don't like her because she doesn't follow christian gospel.

1. If you're talking about identity politics. Yes, I deny that backlash for mocking non-Christians results in less backlash than mocking Christians. I obviously got WAY more backlash from Christians from mocking this fake Christian than I ever did from mocking one of the highest-ranking people in Muslim society.

2. If you didn't understand MY post, it's that I am not mocking her because she's Christian. You're taking offence where it is not given. I am mocking her because she's batshit crazy and seizing control of a nation. The fact that she is using a cartoonishly large Christian bible as a prop in her show is incidental, and I have already pointed out, is very much against the teachings of Jesus. According to the Epistle of James, those who claim to follow Jesus, but ignore his teachings follow a worthless religion - AKA not Christian.

3. Mohammed Bin Salman, not only a Muslim, but the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and effective leader of Sunni Islam, is not Muslim enough for you? Perhaps not, I would imagine that many more serious Islamic people would find MBS a repulsive example of how a proper Islamic person should act. But then you can't consider this Bolivian tyrant to be Christian either (as per my last post). But claiming I don't mock anyone in that thread? That's bullshit. I mock him several times in the thread, in one post I compare Mohammad Bin Salman to the Sacha Baron Cohen's insane dictator character Aladeen, as well as mock many of the world leaders who are cooperating with Bin Salman.

4. I may not be mocking Islam, but I am not mocking Christianity either. Mocking someone for hoisting around an absurdly large bible is NOT mocking Christianity. Giant showy bibles in themselves are a mockery of Jesus's teachings (See Gospel of Matthew 6 and Gospel of Matthew 23 for starters).

5. The point is you complained that women don't get mocked, in a thread that is mocking a woman.

I am not sure why you are so angry about this, not even Jesus would have a problem. If the Gospels are anything to go by, if Jesus were around, he'd mock her too.

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